Home Video Call-“Call Me By Fire S2 披荆斩棘2”EP2: First efficiency stage grouping!丨MangoTV

Call-“Call Me By Fire S2 披荆斩棘2”EP2: First efficiency stage grouping![ENG SUB]丨MangoTV

Call-“Call Me By Fire S2 披荆斩棘2”EP2: First efficiency stage grouping![ENG SUB]丨MangoTV

披荆斩棘官方频道 Call Me By Fire Official Channel Latest Bag Video companies also benches. These asterisk also catastrophe! also video
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[Show Info] “Call Me By Fire S2” It is a battle inside opposition to a desires of 30 male artists. They’ll push their limits also put themselves. After three months of co-housing coaching also theme assessments, a male artists who lift will develop their debut inside a community.

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