Home Video Call-Call of Duty Mobile : Legendary ranked beefy gameplay ~ Heaven

Call-Call of Duty Mobile : Legendary ranked beefy gameplay ~ Heaven

Call-Call of Duty Mobile : Legendary ranked beefy gameplay ~ Heaven

Heaven Most modern This Video downgrades also comforts. Like Video candidates also cable!! also video
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Welcome to my channel ! i’m a dear sniper for Divinity Revolt. I reached Unfriendly #1 inside Garena inside s1,s2 & s3 also is a 2 cases national champion of Singapore. I upload scrim also foul highlights on a normal basis so personal definite to subscribe also flip on notifications !

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Q : Attain youre play on a ipad or phone?
A : I within a period inside-between play on a iPhone 11 Genuine Max 256GB. I switched from ipad to phone within a origin of S3.

Q : What’s your sensitivity/loadouts?
A : https://youtu.become/e7PVTRKvuNM

Q : Can i become half of your clan?
A : Nope sorry, my clan is invite finest 🙂

Q : What are your accepted guns?
A : DLQ33,Arctic50,HBR & BK57

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Q : Why don’t youre discontinue livestream?
A : I’m no longer ideal at interacting with audiences while taking half inside video games 😹 also that i discontinue no longer has a wanted equipments for it as nicely.

Q : a place are youre from?
A : I’m from Singapore 🇸🇬

Q : Are youre able to add me?
A : Nope sorry, my friend record is nearly beefy also that i finest add americans i’m accustomed to 🙂

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Q : Why am i a employ of legend/legendary skins inside scrim?
A : I’m on Garena so our scrim a employ of Garena scrim rules also there are no longer any rules inside opposition to skins which is why i employ it ( whats a level of purchasing it if u cant employ it at least 😂 )

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