Home Video Call-Call Of Responsibility League 2022 Season | Championship Weekend | Day 1

Call-Call Of Responsibility League 2022 Season | Championship Weekend | Day 1

Call-Call Of Responsibility League 2022 Season | Championship Weekend | Day 1

Call of Responsibility League Most contemporary Viral Video donor also decreases!! This Video carbons also butter!! also video
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#CDL2022 Playoffs & Championship Weekend are finally upon us! Who will seemingly become topped Champion?! Rob your total action this weekend from August 4-7!

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2022 CDL Rosters:

Atlanta FaZe
— Simp, aBeZy, Cellium, Arcitys
Boston Breach
— Methodz, TJHaly, Nero, Intellectual
OpTic Texas
— Scump, Dashy, Shotzzy, iLLeY
Fresh York Subliners
— Crimsix, Hydra, Paulehx, Kismet
Minnesota Røkkr
— Priestahh, Achieve, Standy, Havok
Seattle Surge
— Accuracy, Mack, Pred, Sib
LA Thieves
— Drazah, Kenny, Octane, Envoy
London Royal Ravens
— Afro, Zer0, Nastie, Harry
Toronto Extremely
— Perception, Cammy, Bance, CleanX
Los Angeles Guerrillas
— SlasheR, Spart, Neptune, Huke
Florida Mutineers (F3F3)
— Skyz, Owakening, MajorManiak, 2Real
Paris Legion
— Temp, John, Jimbo, GRVTY

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  2. As an Ultra fan, that sequence in opposition to optic modified into as soon as a staunch kick within the balls I if truth be told thought they were bouta take hang of the reverse 3-0😭😭😭Ggs to OpTic tho

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