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Call-Luke Combs – Call Me (Ample Audio)

Call-Luke Combs – Call Me (Ample Audio)

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Hear to “Call Me” from Luke Combs’ album, Growin’ Up, out now: https://LC.lnk.to/growinupAY

youre’re gonna name me crazy, a low down no-legend fool
also also youre’re gonna narrate youre hate me, lady made what youre gotta made
But will has to youre’re 2 a.m. buzzing late night needing loving
also it’s looking equivalent to youre’re leaving lonely
Toddler, our both know youre’re gonna name me

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  1. This album is so dang upright…I agree with this younger man will beat out the reigning King George, & that my well-behaved friend is now no longer something that I throw around lightly… George!!, are you ready to give up your Crown, to the recent soon to be King of Nation.?

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