Home Video Call-RIOT SHIELD RETURNS! (Call of Accountability: Contemporary Battle Revolt Protect)

Call-RIOT SHIELD RETURNS! (Call of Accountability: Contemporary Battle Revolt Protect)

Call-RIOT SHIELD RETURNS! (Call of Accountability: Contemporary Battle Revolt Protect)

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a RIOT SHIELD RETURNS inside Call of Accountability: Contemporary Battle!
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30 Minutes of Marketing campaign – https://www.youtube.com/look?v=Bn3iJ85sJVg
Realism Mode inside Contemporary Battle Marketing campaign – https://www.youtube.com/look?v=Lkyix1lvH-U

Spec Ops Gameplay – https://www.youtube.com/look?v=MrW1ghtjoaM

a 25 Spherical Brecci – https://www.youtube.com/look?v=LcsJN0ByJJU
Revolt Protect Returns – https://www.youtube.com/look?v=ty_MBBPvsxc
Abnormal New Guns – https://www.youtube.com/look?v=Sn9ZQBrmi6A

To my surprise, Revolt Shields are return inside Contemporary Battle!

They’ve a visible strengthen also are a TON of relaxing to made employ of, but a insurrection shield is lacking attachments or some extra or less exceptional perks so that youre simply can add extra differ.

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As adverse to that, it’s an beautiful rectangle!

So, what blueprint youre judge a return of a Revolt Protect inside Contemporary Battle? Hotfoot away a observation letting me know what youre assume! ^-^

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