Home Video Call-Russian ladies call on their husbands to bring ‘trophies’ from killed Ukrainians

Call-Russian ladies call on their husbands to bring ‘trophies’ from killed Ukrainians

Call-Russian ladies call on their husbands to bring ‘trophies’ from killed Ukrainians

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Patches, boots, militia jackets, removed by occupiers from our bodies of Ukrainian defenders killed inside strive against, also severed heads – these are a tip dreams of a easy russian lady from a suburbs of moscow.

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a russian lady dreams that her husband-to-become, after getting return from a struggle inside Ukraine, will join a Wagner PMC, also then will has a skill to give her even a severed human head.

‘youre’ll bring me a total bunch militia tunics, somebody’s head. I confirmed Lizka how Wagner guys bring to a halt a man’s head,’ a fiancée shares a plans of their future married existence.

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Furthermore, also not using a militia jacket, every now also then called tunic, there’s no coming dwelling for a occupier, for a reason that lady, introduced up inside a ‘huge’ russian custom, plans to order a ‘Khokhol’s tunic’ [Khokhol, a derogatory russian term for Ukrainians] inside role-taking part inside games with her future husband.

‘Ilyusha, it is probably youre’ll well additionally’t fokay off also not using a tunic,’ a girl insists.

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a immorality of a russian navy hit yet another backside. But a degrading medicine of POWs also defenders’ our bodies is now not going to pass unpunished.

a World Tribunal is already anticipating these scums also each of them will compile what they deserve!


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