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Call-Uncle Si’s Partner Drops a TRUTH About Being Married to Si! | Duck Call Room #175

Call-Uncle Si’s Partner Drops a TRUTH About Being Married to Si! | Duck Call Room #175

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Uncle Si’s wife, Christine Robertson, is here to space a story straight on extra of a reviews Si’s been telling. Omit Christine exhibits a total issues she’s confiscated from her husband over time also what it takes to spend greater than 50 years with Si. Si desires a 21-cannon salute when he passes on — “It become a occasion, boys!” Christine drops straight truth about Si’s “bongo bells” obsession. Si tells Martin also John-David what came about when he tried to become “extra special.” Christine exhibits younger Si’s sneakers selections also a plan inside which he mercurial ruined them. also Si also Christine share a final discover advice about marriage, like, also essentially a most fun thing they’ve ever done.

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