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What took place to Creed? I peer on a upward push & drop of Creed, collectively with:
a early years of Creed, when Scott Stap & Stamp Tremonti met
Their rise to reputation with “My Obtain Detention heart,” Wind-Up Data also “Human Clay” (“Bigger,” “Arms Extensive Open”)
Creed’s third album “Weathered” also eventual breakup due to Scott Stapp’s points
Stamp Tremonti’s solo challenge & Alter Bridge

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0: 00 Intro
2: 41 a early years of Creed
5: 45 “My Obtain Detention heart” & Wind-Up Data
9: 29 “Human Clay,” “Bigger” & “Arms Extensive Open”
13: 51 Why Creed inside point of fact broke up
16: 29 Scott Stapp’s public breakdown & Fb videos
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  1. Mate, constantly admire your advance and morale compass. I love how you steer your target market to compassion, empathy and grace. Extra strength to you. I’m no longer a fan of Creed but I undergo in mind increasing up (in Australia) and hearing fixed negativity in direction of Stapp and his Christian leanings. A lot of disdain, disrespect and unwarranted despise, at the least in my circles. Thanks for this video and confidently this will generate some kind reassessment or revisiting of the band for some viewers.Raise on! ✌🏽

  2. I if truth be told deserve to divulge I solid doubt on Scott’s Christian claims. He sings “goddamn” several situations on a song on the first album and someone that’s been to church or in Christianity is aware of that’s taking the lord’s title in unnecessary (as well as exclaiming “Jesus!” or “Jesus Christ!” when upset or pissed about something) and that’s one MAJOR no-no for Christian’s and he merely blatantly sings it several situations…..oookkaay, certain, you’re a Christian. 🙄 And it’s one thing to hurry up and direct it in non-public but to commit it to a recording and be love, “yeah, that’s fully comely. I’m a Christian, so I can direct it. That’s comely, honest?”Gtfo

  3. I love staring at your movies about bands/artist I wager its huge attention-grabbing even though I don't love the band. I wager there is a band you should silent attain that has a huge attention-grabbing historical past/struggle and that’s King 810.

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