Home Video Most-2 Chainz Tries $1000 ‘Luxurious’ Ice Cubes | MOST EXPENSIVEST

Most-2 Chainz Tries $1000 ‘Luxurious’ Ice Cubes | MOST EXPENSIVEST

Most-2 Chainz Tries $1000 ‘Luxurious’ Ice Cubes | MOST EXPENSIVEST

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2 Chainz tried ‘Luxurious ice’ that’s “unhurried melting”, individually carved also has no taste. It’s available for $325 for a pack of 50 cubes, or youre may perhaps perhaps per chance well has a choice to compile four shipments inside a One year for $1,000.

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Ever surprise how a one p.c spend their wealth? Rap giant name 2 Chainz shares your curiosity. Most Expensivest, as a title suggests, takes viewers on a walk to search out a most outrageously priced luxurious goods on a earth.

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a World’s Most Expensive Blunt Charges $50k

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  1. This ice is so easy to blueprint and they're talking about a1000 dollars🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️fools ……..that sufficient like any these attain called spring water and water being bustle over a gawt damn diamond…..or those attempting to rating fart or bottle air…..man straight up fools however I don't blame the hustler sufficient like I don't blame trump for getting his pimp on both….I'm sufficient enraged ppl are sufficient this dreary🤦🏾‍♂️

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