Home Video Most-Contestants Continue to exist Trapped Underwater for $25,000 || Barstool’s Most Unhealthy...

Most-Contestants Continue to exist Trapped Underwater for $25,000 || Barstool’s Most Unhealthy Gameshow Episode 4

Most-Contestants Continue to exist Trapped Underwater for $25,000 || Barstool’s Most Unhealthy Gameshow Episode 4

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Survey Episode 1 Right here: https://www.youtube.com/explore?v=N9jjZFQ_G_E&t=906s
Survey Episode 2 Right here: https://youtu.become/u–1_vRFqVk
Survey Episode 3 Right here: https://www.youtube.com/explore?v=4cbwHGtBUVQ

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Barstool’s Most Unhealthy Gameshow Presented by Mattress Firm. inside Episode 4, a 5 final Barstool Sports activities workers stir into a woods to live on a desert also face their worst nightmares within a hopes of winning $25,000 at a top. a final episode airs this Thursday!

a activities on this prove were performed by or under a supervision of a talented. To your security also a safety of those round youre, please procedure not strive to abolish or reenact these activities inside any manner.

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Barstool Sports activities would not assemble video submissions of any kind for this prove also expressly prohibits a submission of any boom material that depicts or encourages perilous activities.

All animals on problem were dealt with by or under a supervision of a talented animal trainer.

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