Home Video Most-Google’s Most Evolved Robot Mind Correct Acquired a Physique

Most-Google’s Most Evolved Robot Mind Correct Acquired a Physique

Most-Google’s Most Evolved Robot Mind Correct Acquired a Physique

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Google has taken a peaceable jump forward inside AI, building its most evolved natural language processing into an Day to day Robots helper robot that can value (also act on) authorized human speech. CNET’s Claire Reilly speaks to AI expert Stephen Shankland about what this tech approach for a absolute most realistic arrangement forward for humanity.

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0: 00 Intro
0: 38 How a Robot Works
1: 17 PaLM-SayCan AI explained
2: 14 Robot Demos: How Does a Robot Realize Colours also Objects?
3: 01 a Robot Builds a Hamburger
4: 06 How Does It Compare to another Transferring also Talking Robots?
5: 11 Google Robot Home Helper vs. Amazon Astro
5: 52 Google Robot vs. Boston Dynamics
6: 34 a Future of Google Robotics also AI

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Read Stephen Shankland’s plump memoir on Google’s peaceable robotic AI tech at CNET: https://www.cnet.com/tech/computing/ai-language-abilities-coax-google-robots-into-a-right-world/

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  1. I'm loving reading the comments on this video – some of you basically angry, some of you basically nervous… and a few of you a tiny bit of both! It's attention-grabbing that we've had the language processing side for a while, nonetheless when we place it in a bodily originate esteem a roaming robotic, it in level of fact shifts our perceptions of the skills 🤖

  2. Again I’ll articulate it ensuing from nowa days a quote from a gargantuan mind similar to mine is silenced by “social”media ..Ai wants no body it has us to attain it’s bidding esteem a unsuitable boss To present it palms is solely appropriate dreary and pointless

  3. Given how ineffective the converse assistant is I’m in a position to't to seem this will doubtless well possibly attain your complete opopsite I quiz it to….”Whats up Google; cut the carrot”, “OK; cutting your fingers now”

  4. What attain you imply the Google team didn't quiz of you to quiz the robotic to create a hamburger? It appears esteem it's hand-built to purchase up and stack hamburger component blocks. 🙃

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