Home Video Most-High 10 Most SHOCKING Voices On Talent Exhibits Worldwide!

Most-High 10 Most SHOCKING Voices On Talent Exhibits Worldwide!

Most-High 10 Most SHOCKING Voices On Talent Exhibits Worldwide!

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High 10 Most SHOCKING Voices On Talent Exhibits Worldwide!

Intro – 0: 00
Andrew De Leon – 0: 09
Aaralyn – 4: 46
Gingzilla – 9: 00
Marcelito Pomoy – 13: 19
John Hetlinger – 18: 14
Omit Tres – 22: 34
Vincent Vinel – 24: 41
Jenny Darren – 26: 59
Dev – 29: 49
Luca Di Stefano – 34: 31

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  1. Andrew DeLion became once unbelievable! What an improbable skill he has! Elen and Isaiah had been corrupt!Gin Zilla became once corrupt. A waist of time and space. Marcelito Pomoy became once fully improbable!!!!!!!!!!!!John Hetlinger became once HORRIBLE! Niss Tres had been umm.. comely. But somewhat talented too. hahahaVincent Vinel I hated but mostly because I don't treasure that roughly song. And I HATE the Content. The judges are infantile in the means they act and I real disapprove that existing!!!!!!!!!! Jenny Darren YUK!So unbelievable talents and awful talents! But I’d put a query to no less from Ability Recap. I am no longer definite why but Ability Recap always looks to combine awful with real and as a rule, Ability Recap is a disappointment.! I desire I could well per chance well resolve out pointers on how to block this movement from ever exhibiting up in my searches.

  2. Marcelito Pomoy is the very most attention-grabbing world's skill, unparalled by no one! Very obviously, he truly is. Reach on, i imply, real develop start ears, eyes, and other sense organs! ✌️✌️✌️

  3. Marcelito pomoy is the very most attention-grabbing, no golden buzzer and didn't resolve the agtc. Simon and agt cooked the present. So unhappy for marcelito but the arena knows you're the champion.

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