Home Video Most-Robot or Mommy: Who Loves Wolfoo Most?- Kids Reports About Wolfoo Household|...

Most-Robot or Mommy: Who Loves Wolfoo Most?- Kids Reports About Wolfoo Household| Wolfoo Household Kids Comic strip

Most-Robot or Mommy: Who Loves Wolfoo Most?- Kids Reports About Wolfoo Household| Wolfoo Household Kids Comic strip

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Robot or Mommy: Who Loves Wolfoo Most? – Kids Reports About Wolfoo Household | Wolfoo Household Kids Comic strip
Mom Wolf scolded Wolfoo when he used to become busy playing without picking up his toys, so Wolfoo wished he had a robot mother who could well well also assist him with a total housework also he didn’t acquire scolded anymore. Wager what, robot mother or mommy Wolf, Who is a most reasonable most likely mommy of wolfoo?
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