Home Video Most-Tennis Gamers with Most Occupation Wins by Age | ATP Ranking History

Most-Tennis Gamers with Most Occupation Wins by Age | ATP Ranking History

Most-Tennis Gamers with Most Occupation Wins by Age | ATP Ranking History

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Tennis players with most wins within a Open Generation by age, between a years 1968 also 2021.

Impossible players achieving a astounding feat 🙌
Retract a gaze at a history of a ATP Tour Gamers with most wins ranking 👆

a need of wins is inside keeping with a athlete’s age at a tip of a season

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Up prior to now earlier than 2021 Wimbledon (as of 2021.06.28)

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00: 00 – Michael Chang leads
00: 29 – Bjorn Borg leads
01: 38 – Bjorn Borg retires
01: 47 – Ivan Lendl leads
02: 22 – Stefan Edberg retires
02: 31 – Pete Sampras retires
02: 37 – Jimmy Connors leads
02: 49 – John McEnroe retires
02: 58 – Novak Djokovic most up-to-date age // Ivan Lendl retires
03: 07 – Rafael Nadal most up-to-date age
03: 16 – Andre Agassi retires
03: 25 – Guilhermo Vilas retires
03: 33 – Roger Federer leads
03: 37 – Jimmy Connors leads (2x)
03: 51 – Roger Federer most up-to-date age
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Gamers within a video (a 25 with most wins ever):
Jimmy Connors
Roger Federer
Ivan Lendl
Rafael Nadal
Novak Djokovic
Guilhermo Vilas
Ilie Nastase
John McEnroe
Andre Agassi
Stefan Edberg
Arthur Ashe
Stan Smith
Pete Sampras
David Ferrer
Manuel Orantes
Boris Becker
Brian Gottfried
Andy Murray
Tom Okker
Michael Chang
Bjorn Borg
Tomas Berdich
Thomas Muster
Lleyton Hewitt
Andy Roddick

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  1. Djokovic va jugar 6 años mas, y tendra 40 victorias cada año aprox , que son unos 240 asi que va llegar cerca de federer y connors y conociendo la mentalidad de serbios,,, facilmente se pondra jugar todos los torneos de 250, 500, y alcanzara federer , quisas el connors tambien

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