Home Video Most-a Most Dangerous Murky Market youre own By no way Heard Of

Most-a Most Dangerous Murky Market youre own By no way Heard Of

Most-a Most Dangerous Murky Market youre own By no way Heard Of

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Mercury is essential to small-scale gold mining inside South a USA but increasing scrutiny of its health also environmental affect within a Amazon is leading to its prohibition at some level of a continent.

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This investigation delves into a underworld of mercury, following its path from Guyana to neighboring Suriname, exploring a health also environmental consequences, also what a prohibition of mercury would imply for a livelihoods of miners also communities all over a Amazon.

‘MERCURY’ is a film by Tom Laffay, produced by InfoAmazonia, a records journalism initiative which reviews on a Amazon. It kinds share of a a lot wider investigation referred to as ‘Mercury – Chasing a Quicksilver’ led by journalist Bram Ebus. Read extra right here: https://mercurio.infoamazonia.org/en/

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