Home Video Most-a World’s Most Dear Rifle | VO Falcon Diminutive Model

Most-a World’s Most Dear Rifle | VO Falcon Diminutive Model

Most-a World’s Most Dear Rifle | VO Falcon Diminutive Model

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This video is supposed for educational & entertainment applications easiest. VO Vapen AB’s Hunting Rifle, a VO Falcon is a enviornment’s most expensive rifle valued at $820,000. Produced inside Sweden by Grasp Gun Smith Vigo Olsson also son, Ulf Olsson, this rifle is crafted with Damascus metal also is provided to a take few purchasers.

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  1. I’m able to purchase a 100$ rifle, then label 1 Billion for it, and it may perchance well perchance well be the ''costly rifle''? Completely it’ll tranquil be judged by how necessary it charges to score, the price of the materials extinct and the contrivance in which long it takes to assemble.

  2. This stamp became ideal as most modern as 1977 no explanation for such label. Companies worship anschutz may perchance possibly tranquil appreciate better branding…. What grasp gunsmith? There are better gunsmith then this guy.

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