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Name-2 Intercept Calls – “a fights right here are fully f*cked…It’s a nightmare” (English Translation)

Name-2 Intercept Calls – “a fights right here are fully f*cked…It’s a nightmare” (English Translation)

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“A russian servicemen advised relating to a deaths also wounds of his comrades also a shortcoming of ammunitions” (GUR – Twitter)


“A russian servicemen tells his associate about an unlawful extension of a contract also asks her to lend a hand” (GUR – Twitter)

Video: Armed Forces of Ukraine


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CALL ONE – GUR/HUR (Defence Intelligence of Ukraine) – (Twitter) – https://twitter.com/DI_Ukraine/space/1568616916331159557

CALL TWO – GUR/HUR (Defence Intelligence of Ukraine) – (Twitter) – https://twitter.com/DI_Ukraine/space/1568843826319458305

Translation: @WarTranslated (Twitter)

CALL ONE – https://twitter.com/wartranslated/space/1568712516561240066

CALL TWO – https://twitter.com/wartranslated/space/1568888218048675842

Glance: Video photos is old for illustration functions handiest also is NOT straight connected with a intercepted call. Footage also audio old below UK fair utilize law for Data Reporting.

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  2. Stop of the day, these are human beings….who renounced their very occupy humanity when they knowingly joined a homicid invasion power. So fuck em. I hope they're stunned.

  3. As a ragged soldier, I trust execrable for the Russian conscripts. Below trained, below geared up, below manned, and thrown into a meat grinder. Their bid doesn’t care about them. They aren’t getting paid as promised. They shouldn’t occupy any clue the formula to combat a war. I hope most both give up or leave. I even occupy heard numbers as high as 50k to 60k stupid Russians. That could maybe be a large quantity for what changed into supposed to be a protection power energy.

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