Home Video Name-Name Of Responsibility League 2022 Season | Championship Weekend | Day 4

Name-Name Of Responsibility League 2022 Season | Championship Weekend | Day 4

Name-Name Of Responsibility League 2022 Season | Championship Weekend | Day 4

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#CDL2022 Playoffs & Championship Weekend are one device or a opposite upon us! Who will seemingly become topped Champion?! Purchase your entire action this weekend from August 4-7!

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2022 CDL Rosters:

Atlanta FaZe
— Simp, aBeZy, Cellium, Arcitys
Boston Breach
— Methodz, TJHaly, Nero, Shining
OpTic Texas
— Scump, Dashy, Shotzzy, iLLeY
New York Subliners
— Crimsix, Hydra, Paulehx, Kismet
Minnesota Røkkr
— Priestahh, Put, Standy, Havok
Seattle Surge
— Accuracy, Mack, Pred, Sib
LA Thieves
— Drazah, Kenny, Octane, Envoy
London Royal Ravens
— Afro, Zer0, Nastie, Harry
Toronto Extremely
— Insight, Cammy, Bance, CleanX
Los Angeles Guerrillas
— SlasheR, Spart, Neptune, Huke
Florida Mutineers (F3F3)
— Skyz, Owakening, MajorManiak, 2Real
Paris Legion
— Temp, John, Jimbo, GRVTY

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  1. Tbh the greater hitdetection that LAT purchased than other teams whas factual to evident, makes it realy suspicious that tis is space up, they where correct but no longer that correct…

  2. To snort that Allycxt wasn't even guaranteed to be on the CDL desk this season… She did amazingly properly as an analyst for the entire teams. You might perchance well repeat she turn out to be overwhelmed by the finality of all of it, I am hoping she comes abet subsequent season.

  3. that is using me crazy I do know one among ya'll knows this song at 39:37 and I'm no longer gonna place a question to all over again someone please repeat me the title of the song for crying out loud????

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