Home Video Name-a AMAZING PISTOL SHOTGUN! (Name of Accountability: Fashionable War)

Name-a AMAZING PISTOL SHOTGUN! (Name of Accountability: Fashionable War)

Name-a AMAZING PISTOL SHOTGUN! (Name of Accountability: Fashionable War)

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a AMAZING PISTOL SHOTGUN inside Name of Accountability: Fashionable War!
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As every person is aware of, Fashionable War 2019 has a new 357 pistol inside a Games…

…but did that youre can well perchance turn it into a shotgun?

That’s most spirited guys! As soon as youre happen to stage up a gun also liberate a “snake shot” attachment, a 357 becomes a pistol shotgun!

also it’s REALLY most spirited!

I ended up hitting a TON of feeds on this video, also it’s idea to become one of my favourite weapons inside a Games up to now!

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So, what procedure youre imagine a 357 pistol shotgun combo inside Fashionable War? What diverse queer weapons also/or attachments must quiet I strive next? Leave a observation letting me know what youre judge! ^-^

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  2. All jokes apart m3rk went from raging seeking to hit clips, to without problems speaking while hitting clips with guns he barely performs with. This man will continuously be my authorized youtuber

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