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Name-a Name | Crime Patrol Satark | Fleshy Episode

Name-a Name | Crime Patrol Satark | Fleshy Episode

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Episode 876: a Name
Dhananjay Chaudhary, senior clerk inside a Indore secure 22 situation of business calls his wife to warn her also preserve ample. Forward of his wife asks him about his secure 22 situation, his phone will get switched off. Dhananjay’s wife fills an FIR also tells about his husband Dhananjay lacking. Where did Dhananjay Chaudhary hump lacking? Watch this episode to search out out.


Describe Title: Crime Patrol Dial 100
Episode Amount: 876
Producer: Sandeep Agarwal


About Crime Patrol :
Crime Patrol will strive to gape at a signs, a signals which will most seemingly become repeatedly there forward of these mindless crimes are committed. Instincts/Emotions/Signals that so regularly voice us that no longer all a pieces is customary. Maybe, that signal/feeling/instinct is correct no longer sufficient to imagine it would possibly perchance perchance well raze inside a crime. Unfortunately, after a crime is committed, these identical signals reach haunting.

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a Name | Crime Patrol Satark | Fleshy Episode


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