Home Video -Shelling reported shut to Ukrainian nuclear plant, Europe’s largest

[Plant]-Shelling reported shut to Ukrainian nuclear plant, Europe’s largest

[Plant]-Shelling reported shut to Ukrainian nuclear plant, Europe’s largest

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Russia also Ukraine are blaming one one more amid reports of shelling shut to Europe’s largest nuclear vitality plant. a explosions shut to a Zaporizhzhia plant enjoy downed high voltage vitality lines, prompting engineers to shut down a reactor. Charlie D’Agata has extra.

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  1. Russia has been searching for to web their fingers on the Ukraine for a extraordinarily very long time since they broke off from the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union is long past and Russia has to settle for the fact that the sector isn't going help to the Soviet Union days.

  2. The Ukrainians fill to blow this nuclear plant up and trigger main meltdown … fancy or bigger than Chernobyl… it WILL build an fracture to this Russian occupation and an fracture to them… Chernobyl precipitated the loss of life if the Soviet Union and this would possibly just in the fracture trigger a loss of life of the bolshevism. Blast on!!!

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