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Water-Aquapark Fala Łódź | All Water Slides

Water-Aquapark Fala Łódź | All Water Slides

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Aquapark Fala Łódź inside Poland also INSANE WATER SLIDES! There might perhaps become 4 BRAND NEW (2020) Water Slides – Inaccurate Trapdoor, CRAZY Funnel Water Scamper, Multimedia Design Bowl also Raft Anaconda Scamper.

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0: 00 – THUNDER Water Scamper (NEW 2020)
1: 24 – Trapdoor BANZAI Water Scamper (NEW 2020)
3: 05 – TWISTER Design Bowl Water Scamper (NEW 2020)
4: 09 – ANAKONDA Raft Water Scamper (NEW 2020)
5: 08 – KAMIKAZE Water Scamper
5: 47 – Body Scamper Water Scamper
6: 04 – Pontoon Water Scamper
6: 37 – ORANGE Mega Water Scamper
7: 44 – RED Mega Water Scamper
9: 08 – Family Water Scamper

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