Home Video Water-Fireplace, Water, Air, also Earth Mermaids! / Four Substances at School!

Water-Fireplace, Water, Air, also Earth Mermaids! / Four Substances at School!

Water-Fireplace, Water, Air, also Earth Mermaids! / Four Substances at School!

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Our college has new college students – 4 mermaids! Would youre like to ogle with them inside a same class?

Affords also tools:
• Wire
• Bead
• Holographic foam paper
• Ornamental stones
• Marker
• Eraser
• Ornamental fish
• Polyester stuffing
• Food plastic
• Thermal gel nail polish
• Nail lamp
• Sizzling glue gun
• Ballpoint pen
• Blackboard eraser
• Synthetic moss
• Stones
• Seashells
• Twigs
• Sure half sphere
• Glitter
• Sequins
• Mica
• Glycerin
• Colored paper
• Ribbons
• Utility knife
• Multi-reason glue
• Sparklers
• Acrylic polish

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