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Water-What If Earth Used to become Half of Land also Half of Water?

Water-What If Earth Used to become Half of Land also Half of Water?

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Imagine Earth with a honest correct 50/50 spoil up between continents also oceans. Our planet covered half of by land half of by water. How would this trade a planet as youre model it? What new forms of holidays might perhaps well this create that youre’d additionally mediate for youre? also what does a color of your pee accept as true with to enact with this?

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00: 00 What If Earth Used to become Half of Land also Half of Water?
00: 38 Significance of water
01: 20 Balancing a land also water
02: 32 What would it behold esteem?
03: 25 Penalties

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  1. 1. What If everyone used to be debt free, how rapidly can humanity begins having debt any other time?2. What If everyone fill been equally rich and there used to be no poverty? What’s going to occur to our economic system?

  2. No should imagine this blueprint , entire cities and islands in south and south east asia is going below water . This 'what if ' is slowly changing into a actuality .

  3. Them of us within the center allotment would be in a terribly complex fry set up aside of living on fable of yikes. But moreover every thing gonna die on fable of here’s what if

  4. What if theia by no methodology fracture into Earth first of all The moon Luna by no methodology existed Soo…… The waves will run crazy and Earth and theia can fill sex aaannnddd ………….. Theia might maybe well maybe Be a sister off mars

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