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Water-Who owns water? | DW Documentary

Water-Who owns water? | DW Documentary

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Native weather commerce is causing temperatures to upward thrust. also everyone is ingesting extra water – whether it’s to create soda, microchips or cattle feed. However our reservoirs are working dry. Investors are buying water rights, costs are going up also farmers are working out of water.

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a local weather crisis is worsening worldwide. inside loads of worldwide locations, rising drought is threatening not simplest human survival, but total ecosystems. Cattle farmers are working out of water. inside India, farmers can not irrigate their fields. another folks are fleeing their homes inside dapper numbers.
Who owns water? Will there become increasingly extra extra conflicts, even wars, over water? What’s going to occur if our water disappears?

Here’s a three-part documentary series. Episodes will become released weekly on a following dates:
Allotment 1: a fight for water – August 10
Allotment 2: What occurs when our water dries up? – August 17
Allotment 3: Who owns water? – August 24

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