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Water-Who owns water? | DW Documentary

Water-Who owns water? | DW Documentary

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Climate alternate is causing temperatures to rise. also all americans is drinking extra water – whether it’s to possess soda, microchips or cattle feed. But our reservoirs are running dry. Investors are buying water rights, prices are going up also farmers are running out of water.

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a climate crisis is worsening worldwide. inside lot worldwide locations, rising drought is threatening no longer most life like doubtless human survival, however entire ecosystems. Cattle farmers are running out of water. inside India, farmers can now no longer irrigate their fields. another folks are fleeing their homes inside gargantuan numbers.
Who owns water? Will there become extra also additional conflicts, even wars, over water? What will occur if our water disappears?

Here’s a three-allotment documentary series:
Segment 1: a combat for water – https://youtu.become/1MZFrJPPIQ8
Segment 2: What happens when our water dries up? – https://youtu.become/pWTg-Gpb2Tw
Segment 3: Who owns water? – https://youtu.become/9edWX7TTsLw
Series playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?checklist=PLovlAKbQVz6A0u1yGUdaG7MSh7fG9SR3t&utm_source=EKLEiJECCKjOmKnC5IiRIQ

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  1. All americans owns water and mustn’t be taken ownership of . Water is Life Pure and uncomplicated and your total Fraking and chemical contaminates are Killing folks.

  2. The lack of information at the upper echelons of our society is fantastic, and the greed is endless!!Packing the ocean's fish in runt tin cans so we contain the money in the bank, wasn't enough. No, we had to desire your total water on this planet and place it in runt bottles, and retailer it with the fish, such that some contain wealth, some and not using a doubt feel rich! And all that alfalfa, all these inexperienced fields in the center of the desolate tract, would maybe be fully pointless without autos, roads, petroleum, ships, electricity, and so on. And all these inexperienced fields, with all that work, and all that energy, will dissappear in a subject of weeks, without water…

  3. Why don’t these firms utilize the river water and purification processing for his or her secure merchandise ? They’ll also honest fabricate their very secure biochar and water filtration machine the usage of sand and rocks also

  4. If we would maybe be all ears to God, He by myself would give wisdom freely to folks that request! There might be the an identical amount of water in our world from the previous, the current and the future. We are simply an unwise team of managers and planners. OVERTAKE & SUBDUE the WORLD

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