Home Video Water-World’s Most Developed Hydrofoil Boats Cruise Above Water

Water-World’s Most Developed Hydrofoil Boats Cruise Above Water

Water-World’s Most Developed Hydrofoil Boats Cruise Above Water

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With razor-sharp hydrofoil catamarans that abet them hit speeds of 60 miles an hour, a athletes of SailGP are pushing a boundaries of physics also human patience. Claire Reilly goes out on a water to secret agent a hotfoot inside action.

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0: 00 – What’s SailGP?
1: 18 – SailGP’s F50 sailboat: What it’s also a scheme it’s built
2: 37 – How hydrofoils work
3: 49 – Team USA captain Jimmy Spithill
4: 35 – F50 crew positions
5: 45 – Team USA strategist CJ Perez
8: 00 – a sound from an F50 hydrofoil
8: 50 – F50 sailboat sensors also a knowledge they accumulate
10: 15 – a future of SailGP
10: 50 – SailGP season 2 massive closing outcomes

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  1. Thanks for looking out at, every person! It is doubtless you’ll perchance well learn my plump CNET legend about SailGP at the link within the outline (that contains an extremely colossal photograph of Jimmy when he changed into a baby!)

  2. I take care of How they’re restful humble 😂It is a ways like riding an f1 vehicle It is a ways like standing on high of a vehicle… blond folded … on a rally be aware

  3. Razor keen hydrofoils which abolish dolphins, orcas and other ogle existence.. colossal tech, lets surprise at our intelligence, nonetheless we additionally have to decide on into myth animal existence..

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